Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021:

Reflect, Refresh, and Reset

Livestream with Dorrie and Norberto

Livestream overview


2020 has been a year full of changes for all of us. It has brought upon us all a transformation in how we interact and are able to communicate with the world. 


Come and join Dorrie and Norberto for a final intimate session to round out 2020. 


Together we will reflect and evaluate. Recognising the challenges and areas of growth to provide a space for you to internally reflect on the year that has been.


A short talk will include the topic of inner loneliness and how this can be transformed to come home inside yourself. 


After this, we will work together and with the greater Qi of the universe to build a beautiful Qi field for 2021. This will allow us to guide you through setting new resolutions for growth.


In this livestream we will be incorporating a longer and more dedicated healing session than we have ever done before on a livestream together. We want you to feel truly refreshed and allow space for you to grow. We will do a full healing on the body, work intensively on a special chosen part of your body and do a separate healing to open up the power of your heart.


This will be 3 hours full of peace, harmony, hope and lightness. 

We think this is a time to pamper ourselves in goodness. In doing this  together we are all deeply connected and will grow and find strength alongside each other.

Access Of Sessions

We are incredibly grateful to have many of you situated all around the world and so we will be holding the livestream through a live video platform. The platform is: Youtube. 

Video sessions will be available for replay for anyone who cannot join the session live.  

The duration of this live stream will be 3 hours long. 

After registration you will receive a login link that you can head to, the live stream will be accessible through there. 

Date and Time

13th of December NZ time at 8 am-11 am ( 3 hours).


To find out your timezone:



The cost for this live stream event is 40 Euro. If you require financial assistance please email us at:

Please note: The time zone specified is NZ Time whereas the Currency is Euro




We are excited to take this journey with you!

Sending you radiant Qi and love,

Dorrie and Norberto 

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Reflect, Refresh, and Reset: Livestream event with Dorrie and Norberto

Reflect, Refresh, and Reset: Livestream event with Dorrie and Norberto