This month, we have decided that instead of solo workshops, it is time for us to connect with you again to create a unique and intimate Qi field together. We genuinely miss seeing and being at retreats with all of you. For this reason, we decided to take the initiative and organize a weekend retreat. We are so excited about it, bringing back the “old” days; let’s connect and grow with each other.


What is truly special is that we both felt the same information about what this retreat should be centered around without even seeing each other, so it is already “in the air”! What is our theme? 


A special weekend, to work in the present moment on your future self! 


Many of the people we know go to all kinds of workshops, and there is a lot of knowledge, but it seems that it still is challenging to apply the learning. How can you do this differently? Maybe there is not enough clarity about where you are going and a lack of discipline to make the change, or perhaps you recognize that you begin and then you stop again. 


You have learned that if you want to work on yourself, you want to be in the present moment to make changes about yourself in the present moment. There you have the chance to make a change. However, it is also beneficial to see yourself in the future. Asking yourself questions to gain more clarity about your future self can be very helpful to take action in the present moment and make a change.


This weekend we will dive into the future and ask these questions to ourselves to find the answers to gain clarity to work on ourselves. This way, we can make the changes in our life from a deep level within.


This weekend will be entirely recorded so even if you cannot join us live there will still be many benefits and a beautiful Qi field for you to engage with whenever you have time.


We learn to build a new Qi field for our future self and dive deeper into the tools to help us, like determination, willpower, and clarity. If we want to do this, we need love, care, and patience for ourselves. This is what we will talk about and experience further in a healing and meditation. Let’s make a shift together!



Saturday: - theory lecture - practice - meditation- healing

Sunday: - practical lecture - questions/answering - practice- healing


Date and Time:

NZ time Saturday and Sunday the 25th/26th of September 

Each day from 7 am -11.30 am ( including half-hour break)



The cost for this live stream event is 80 Euro.

If you require financial assistance please email us at: 


Please note: 

The time zone specified is NZ Time whereas the Currency is Euro.


To find out your timezone:

2021 Online Retreat with Dorrie and Norberto