For the last time this year Norberto and Dorrie are joining each other in a beautiful live stream event, are you ready to join us? 


The theme from the workshop is: A CLEAR VISION


Having a clear vision is important but nowadays extra important. What is having a clear vision? And how can you achieve this as having a clear vision will bring inner peace and harmony in your life. If we want to have a clear vision we then have to take responsibility for ourself, this way we also will be able to help and support others in a natural way.


We will also in this workshop look back at 2021 and will set new intentions for another new year to come and will build the Qi field of the community even stronger with our unified hearts. Let’s be together for the last time in this year, let’s connect and grow together.


Date and Time:

NZ time Sunday the 19th of December from 7 am - 12 noon



7.00-9.00 Norberto and Dorrie interactive lecture

09.00-9.30 break

9.30-10.30 questions and answering

10.30-11.15 practise

11.15-12.00 setting intentions and healing


Costs: The cost for this live stream event is 60 Euro. 


If you require financial assistance please email us at:


Please note: 

The time zone specified is NZ Time whereas the Currency is Euro.


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A Clear Vision: 2021 End of Year Workshop with Dorrie and Norberto