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Part 2:

Experience The True Self Course

Manifesting joy in difficult times

10 Week Online Course


Course Introduction


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the first "experience the true self" course that we: Norberto and Dorrie held together. It was a true pleasure to work with all of you. It provided an incredible space for us all to work on growth and realisation. We have received an abundance of good feedback on our course. We want to thank all those that took the time to provide us with such constructive feedback. Most of the feedback highlighted that having weekly sessions together benefited you. This weekly format was said to give motivation and support.  In connecting with us weekly you can diligently work on yourself and make real progress within your life. We also felt that as the course progressed there was a real positive change in the Qi field. We noticed that the question and answering sessions became incredibly inquisitive. It was an experience of much deepening on all fronts.


So let’s do it again! Let’s connect again for 10 weeks. We think that 10 weeks works perfectly in this instance as the end of these 10 weeks aligns perfectly with the beginning of Yuan Tzes online retreat in November. This means you have the opportunity to continuously work on yourself for a good period of time whilst also being supported by us.


The theme of the new course is:  Part 2 - Experience The True Self Course. Manifesting joy in difficult times.

Every member of society is currently going through the experience of living in the time of an international pandemic. How can we connect with our true selves while going trough this situation? In this course we are going to focus on manifesting joy. The joy and the lightness that comes with it is an important feeling to connect with when we want to understand the True Self.

The five main topic areas which we will discuss are:

1) Grounding and connecting with your true self : Deep joy
2) Boundaries : The joy of freedom
3) Self Love : Embodying joy
4) Hope: the Empowering joy
5) Information from the universe / and how to connect with it: Inner joy

Access Of Sessions

We are incredibly grateful to have many of you situated all around the world and so we will be holding all sessions through a live video platform, which is different to the one we used last time. The platform is: Youtube. 

Video sessions will be available for replay for anyone who cannot join the session live.  

The duration of each of the 10 sessions will be 1.5 hours long. 

After registration you will receive a login link that you can head to. That will have the link to the upcoming session and the links from previous sessions visible.

Dates and Times

Tuesday morning 8 am till 9.30 am NZ time

Tuesday the 1,8,15,22,29 of September,

Tuesday the 6,13,20,27 of October

Tuesday the 3rd of November

(total 10 weeks)


To find out your timezone:



The cost for this 10 Week Course is 140 Euro. If you require financial assistance please email us at:

Please note: the time zone specified is NZ Time whereas the Currency is Euro




We are excited to take this journey with you!

Sending you radiant Qi and love,

Dorrie and Norberto 


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